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1st UP: Lucky Jr - Terry Birkett

A truly magical EP.
Click on the CD cover to link to his Bandcamp Page.

We're glad to have Terry in the BlueSideDown Studios family.

This is the Day 05:49
Diamonds on My Wall 03:57
When I Hold You Close 04:18
A Fragile Peace 05:01
Something Breaks, Something Heals 03:56
I Am My Father's Son 07:00
Lucky Jr is:
Terry Birkett – guitars & vocals
Doug Austin – drums
Mike Gusway – bass
Bob Young – keysAll songs by Terry Birkett (BMI)Produced & engineered by Doug Austin
at Soundhole Studios in Warren, MIMastered by Szajna Dynasty MediaGraphic design by Bob Young
All rights reserved.Thanks to: May for her love & grace; Colin, Austin & Evan for sharing their life & music with me; Ed, Panda, & Craig for believing for so long; Bobby for bringing me back to music & sticking with me; Bob, Tom, & Doug for being more than a band; Mike, Doug, & Bob for bringing the tunes to life beautifully, and Doug for a beautiful recording; Chuck for generously getting the LP Jr back to me; Michelle for being brave enough to book me; Kelly LG for being our #1 fan; a special thanks to Bob Young for being Bob Young.No musical instruments were harmed in the making of this recording (though a few of them complained of headaches and nausea).


Armada is NOT a BlueSideDownStudios Artist and is NOT on BlueSideDownStudios Recordings.  It's just a band that Ed Englerth used to work with in the 1980's.

ARMADA - FRONTLINE (Legends Remastered) (*New-CD, 2019, Retroactive Records)  <--- click the cover to go to where you can purchase.






In other news keep an eye out for more "Armada" on CD!