Glenn Kaiser’s review of “Everyone Needs Healing”

Review of Ed Englerth's album “Everyone Needs Healing”

My musician, singer/songwriter friend Ed Englerth is in a word: eclectic!

His melding of folk, jazz, blues, Americana and sometimes to my ears, cool and quirky sounds is somewhat like his home state, Michigan. Urban but small town, thoughtful, smart and "He sounds like he knows something we might not" sort of songwriter.

EVERYONE NEEDS HEALING mixes thoughtful, subtle lyrics and shape-shifting style.

I was quite taken by CHANGE, a sort of jazz excursion, talk/sung vibe you just have to hear.

Urban but connected to earth, Ed could even be a train-hopping traveler and indeed is on a number of levels.

MY NAME IS MARTIN for example: "My mind stretches and yawns, Mocking precious memories, But which ones I don't recall..." a snapshot of perhaps a homeless person caught in a loop.

Ed's version of the old traditional "Clementine" is also here... did I say he's eclectic? Yep.

Note that E.N.H. follows a number of projects which you can also find via Amazon, etc..

Here's a link I created that will take you straight to this, his latest release. Enjoy!

-Glenn Kaiser
Chicago, October 2019