Breaking The Vault!!!

BlueSideDown Studios Recordings have busted the doors of the vault down.

These recordings have been out of print for some time. One never got released at all.

Stay tuned ’cause soon these will be available where ever you find good music.

Your attention please

Here’s what’s coming in just a few short days.

“Linear Action Band – No Big Secret”
Scott Lorencen: Drums
Don Cheeseman: Bass and Vocals
Luie Bradley: Vocals
Ed Englerth: Guitar and Vocals
We’re excited to see this recording finally reach the light of day. This is a crazy business and sadly ‘crazy’ often means good music never gets heard outside of the people at the shows.

“Little Bit of Me Everywhere” This CD is special in that it contains recordings Ed has done throughout the years that didn’t have really have a place to call home. There’s even a song that Ed did with his daughter.

“Anything but Hope” Intimate time, inside the mind of this writer of moody, intelligent, folk, jazz, blues. Stripped down to the basics.

“Ed Englerth Band: Live at the State Grounds Coffee House”  Top flight fun, tip top band at the State Grounds Coffee House. All live! The Jazz Quartet turns rock tunes on their ear with vocals and the addition of a 2nd guitar.

“Pingo”  Acoustic Ed, wondering what has he become . . . then sitting down to a good cup of coffee. There’s even a song for and about his kids.

“Rational?”  This recording ‘Rational?’ had an earlier release which was named ‘Rational Enquirer’ in 1990. Acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, and Cross-strung Chromatic Harp.

“The Ed Englerth Jazz Quartet” Live is the best way to keep this music current. Although there are some occasional obvious studio magic (everything playing backwards) it is all live (no overdubs). It’s just like we played it!