Dan Birchfield says Ed, “will have a lasting impact”

When you have an opportunity to hire a songwriter and singer who desires his music to touch the soul of the listener, then you don't hesitate to get him on your festival lineup card. That is absolutely the case when it comes to Ed Englerth. His latest album, "Everyone Needs Healing," is truth put to music that will be used to bring about healing. The lyrics call on the listener to be honest, ask for what they really want, and to get involved in the healing process with their neighbor.

Ed Englerth is one of the most sincere, authentic, faith filled, truth knowledgeable singer/song writers I have ever met. When I listen to Ed's music at church, at the bar, or over the internet it always has a thought provoking impact on me that reaches into my heart. My life will be lived more like Jesus after a listening session.

So if you are looking to hire an excellent musician, singer, and songwriter (all in one) who will have a lasting impact on your audience or congregation's soul, then you need to make the time to get Ed Englerth on your calendar. I know that I am planning for him to play for First Presbyterian Church of Hastings, MI in 2020.

God Bless!

Rev. Dan Birchfield,
First Presbyterian Church of Hastings, Michigan